Core & Arm Strength

November - May 

  • Prevention of arm injuries

  • Flexibility

  • Arm Strength

  • Core strength

  • Biomechanics

  • Kinesiology

1 Session/Week



2 Sessions/Week

This program is designed for baseball specific training for position players and pitchers. It is a total body program designed by baseball professionals with drills from college baseball coaches, professional player development coaches, advanced strength and conditioning trainers, physical therapists and drills from DriveLine  and Ron Wolforth


The design of this is for core strength, most importantly arm strength and recovery. Players will also receive a 7-day curriculum in session, out of session and recovery activities.

Health: Address key components to healthy arm, body strength and monitored use of proper mechanics and recovery. 

Strength: Body function involved with throwing and hitting. Replicated movements into a series of strength, flexibility and conditioning exercises. 

Equipment: Recommendations for each player; J-Bands, 8-lb medicine ball, weighted balls 

Program Design:

  • J Band

  • Driveline

  • Ron Wolforth

  • Professional workouts

  • Future Star Series

  • College Conditioning Programs